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You chosed the West Corsica to spend your holidays ? Alloghju advices you for the activities and commerces around !


Tiuccia is a small seaside resort in southern Corsica, a few tens of kilometers from Ajaccio. There are a few beaches and small creeks,  including the great beach of Liamone, known from the surfers when it’s really wavy.
If you wanna hike or go on a trip on a boat, you can contact Mare Bellu. Less famous than the beaches, these hikes deserve be known :

  • Monte Lazzu hike
  • Castellu hike
  • Ruines du Capigliolu hike

If you are hungry or wanna have a drink, we recommend you this places :

  • Restaurant La Gourmandise
  • Restaurant Le Bon Accueil
  •  L’Allegria bar

For your food shopping : Casino Shop ;  to relax : Fashion Esthétique spa.


From Liscia to Masorchia

Whether you are looking for peace and quiet, or eager to discover the region, Calcatoggio will satisfy all your desires. The village dominates the Gulf of  la Liscia and is about twenty kilometers from Ajaccio. You can see the ruins of two Genoese towers, Orcino and Ancona, the Church of the Annunciation and the Romanesque chapel of St. Nicholas. Beautiful beaches will also seduce you. On the La Liscia beach, you can enjoy various water sports: water-skiing, sea kayaking, wakeboarding, catamaran, paragliding and jet-skiing, as well as some diving spots.

Carrying out these activities in a supervised way is the best way to enjoy it safely thanks to Nautica Loisirs Plongée and Corsic’adventure.

For a gourmet break :


  • Le Malibu
  • Le Tamaris
  • L’Abris à Barque
  • Bar U Moru


Sagone offers beautiful beaches and a hinterland that will surely surprise the nature lovers.
A short tour of the horizon : several Genoese towers line the coast and in Cargese you can visit a Greek Orthodox church. There are also great hiking trails, such as the scenic lake of Creno.

You can practice all nautical sports and hikes with passionate and qualified professionals:

  • Albellu
  • Location 2000
  • Canyoning escapades
  • Le Ranch

If  your looking to go out for a snack or for lunch/diner :

    • restaurant U Castellu
    • restaurant Le Santana
    • restaurant A Stonda
    • restaurant L’Ancura
    • restaurant Petra Marina
    • Bar/patisserie Le Bowling
    • Glacier Geronimi


Vico is a small village, between the sea and the mountain, locaded around 50km from Ajaccio. You can admire the convent St François, its pretty place but especially its natural swimming pools. You can also leave from there to discover several emblematic Corsican lakes and the forest of Aïtone Evisa.

  • Nino lake
  • Creno lake

Randonnée des ruines du CapiglioluRestaurant la gourmandise tiuccia