You want to sell your house or apartment? A sale represents a big investment of energy and time,  Alloghju can guide you to properly prepare your real estate project and make the best decisions.

Estimate your property

Knowing the value of your property and setting the price relative to the market, while being well positioned compared to competitive offers, is essential. Each property is unique. This is why we have to considere few criteria : your location, your fee and your assets, your market value, etc.
With our 15 years of experience, our team of experts can advise you and increase your chances of selling your property quickly.

Making your property attractive

Giving potential buyers the urge to visit your house is essential. This involves a good real estate advert with good photos and videos, showing the potential of your property.
By trusting us, we promise to give a high  visibility of your property and to be reactive to sell it in the best conditions.


One of the keys to sell your property is to highlitgt it : location, tranquility, proximity to schools and shops, luminosity, building materials used… all essential elements to valorize during a visit and a negotiation.
Proud of the trust placed in our agency, we will do everything to give you the best advice adapted to your project of sale.


Our sells